Utilities companies

The Utilities sector requires an ability to handle large volumes of instructions and to report accurately on results. At BW Legal, we have a huge depth of experience in handling high volume pre-legal and litigation/insolvency projects.

We work within a highly regulated consumer environment within the UK. This means that we understand best practice. However, we also understand that utilities debt is different – it benefits from shorter strategies and a proactive approach and we have the ability to work within these parameters to achieve optimal outcomes.

Why use BW Legal for Utilities Debt?

  • We are specialist in consumer and commercial recoveries: we understand how different approaches can get results when dealing with individuals, compared to SMEs
  • Complimenting existing DCA providers: We work with a number of DCAs to provide them and their clients with the back end litigation offering. We have developed a seamless approach to data transfer and reporting which means we can work effectively with your DCAs to give you that end to end solution you need
  • We use advanced data and analytics: We don’t simply collect information, we perform detailed calculations based on your unique requirements, throughout the collection process. We produce accurate legal scorecards to your internal data
  • Debt consolidation: We will assist the client in allocating receipts across numerous portfolios (e.g. gas/electricity or multiple addresses) on an automated basis
  • We are genuine experts in volume: With a proven track record of issuing over 24,000 cases in one month alone
  • We charge contingently: We are happy to recover our fixed costs based entirely on success, so that litigation becomes cost neutral for our clients
  • We are a team you can trust: We regularly achieve very high scores on periodic audits and oversight meetings
  • Let us prove it to you: We can offer a ‘champion challenge’ where all of our costs are contingent on achieving better results than your existing providers