As a medium-sized business ourselves, we fully understand the risks facing SMEs. Our combination of expertise and experience puts us in a unique position to represent you and claim the debts owed to you – whether you are a sole trader, or a company with a multi-million pound turnover.

The need to avoid debt and make sure customers pay on time may be essential business practice, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to manage. If you need assistance in recovering cash, or advice about any area of debt recovery, our experts are on hand.

Our service is different because we:

  • Understand how your business works
  • Use advanced technology to provide you with effective data-driven solutions
  • Keep costs down by running each case through a bespoke management system

We offer a wide range of services for SMEs, including:

  • Outsourced credit control: white labeled so we can ring out and receive calls on your behalf
  • Debt Recovery: letters demanding payment, LBAs etc.
  • Court Proceedings: including winding up petitions against resistant debtors
  • A range of supplementary legal services: including the enforcement of judgments.

Appointing a Debt Collection Agency is a false economy

Debt Collection Agencies (DCAs) simply cannot compete with the services offered by modern law firms like BW Legal.

  • Debtors in the SME sector are far more likely to respond to our authoritative legal letters than to correspondence from DCAs.
  • When we collect money on your behalf, we place this into a designated, protected “client” account. DCAs are not obliged to do this.
  • We can take your account through from credit control to legal enforcement. Only law firms can offer this full service.