Local authorities

Debt Collection Agencies and other law firms may offer basic services, such as LBAs, claim forms, judgment and, enforcement, but few understand the subtle complexities of Local Authority business like we do.

We simply do things differently and we offer you a better level of service, finely tuned to your needs.

We offer added value as standard:

Debt Consolidation

We have developed a technology-driven approach, which allows us to consolidate debt types across a number of portfolios to give you a “One Customer View”.

This requires no additional work on the part of the Local Authority – simply send us instructions as normal.

Our collate and collect process enables us to collate data in one place and collect disparate debts, whilst reporting back to you simply and efficiently.

More than debt recovery and litigation

Our experienced call handling team understands how to treat individuals in an appropriate manner, resolving potential problems.

We can also provide you with outsourced support for a range of vital business services, which may be under pressure.

Whether it’s utilising our mailhouse to assist with letter production, or handling overflow calls from electoral roll campaigns, our teams will work with flexibility and agility to deliver the capacity and resource you need, when you need it.

A safe pair of hands

We have a strong trading history and are at the leading edge of compliance in terms of handling consumer data and reporting.

We are therefore a safe pair of hands with a modern outlook, which will help local authorities achieve operational improvements with no additional cost.