Debt purchase organisations

We have vast experience in supporting major debt purchasers on high volume litigation and insolvency projects.

Working with the market leading litigation platform, Liberate, and advanced systems developed in-house, we are able to provide a unique offering to our clients.

What sets us apart:

  • We offer truly bespoke and streamlined volume solutions: We adapt our CMS to report back MI to our clients, utilising all of their internal reporting codes
  • We use advanced data and analytics: We don’t simply collect information, we perform detailed calculations based on your unique requirements, throughout the collection process. We produce accurate legal scorecards to supplement the Debt Purchaser’s internal data
  • We work across multiple portfolios: We will assist the Debt Purchaser in allocating receipts across numerous portfolios on an automated basis
  • We are genuine experts in volume: With a proven track record of issuing over 24,000 cases in one month alone
  • We anticipate every eventuality: From financial hardship to vulnerability and ensure we have processes in place that remove these cases from the litigation cycle
  • We charge contingently: We are happy to recover our fixed costs based entirely on success, so that litigation becomes cost neutral for our clients
  • We treat litigation entirely as an opportunity to engage: Even post judgment, we will adopt treating customers fairly (TCF) principles around affordability over court rates to ensure that any instalment arrangements are sustainable
  • We are a team you can trust: We regularly achieve very high scores on periodic audits and oversight meetings
  • Let us prove it to you: We can offer a ‘champion challenge’ where all of our costs are contingent on achieving better results