Debt purchase/Financial service – volume litigation

Our award-winning team has developed a market-leading legal recovery service, with a long history of highly successful projects within the debt purchase sector.

No portfolio is too sensitive or too large for our specialists to handle, as we have proved during our work on some of the biggest private sector litigation projects in recent years.

In one month alone, we issued over 24,000 cases in the courts of England and Wales. As an award-winning legal recovery firm, we develop robust strategies for every volume debt purchase / financial services project we undertake.

On previously non-paying portfolios, we regularly exceed our client expectations by building valuable ERC / paying bases.

BW Legal is at the forefront of responsible litigation within the FCA regime:

Focussing on collection strategies at each stage of litigation

Issuing a claim or enforcement is a means to engage with the customer. We therefore build intelligent strategies around each stage in the litigation process to encourage successful engagement.

Approaching Volume with Common Sense

Volume litigation requires smart use of strategies, technologies and resources. We have the experience to deal quickly and effectively with large amounts of court documentation, including admissions and defences. We do so by utilising our staff base and our CMS extremely efficiently, deploying resource where it is required on a daily basis.

Sensitive and fair treatment for your customers

We recognise the need to treat every customer fairly and to always consider affordability. We put controls in place to ensure customers are flagged and dealt with appropriately.

Transparent and accurate reporting – at all times

We provide you with detailed data on the effectiveness of each stage of the legal process. Reports include cross referencing to your own internal reporting codes so they can be auto-uploaded to your system.

Status codes, frequency and content of reporting and other visual MI can be agreed on a client-by-client or portfolio-by-portfolio basis.

With these comprehensive reports, we are able to work intelligently with our clients on their portfolios, ensuring appropriate disbursement spend and smart decision making.