Complex insolvency/ABL collect-out

Our complex insolvency / ABL collect out service is a single source solution, with one expert team dedicated to handle your requirements, no matter how involved the challenges you face.

We offer you –

  • Expert advice: from a team with a wealth of experience in all areas relating to complex collect out scenarios
  • Agility and adaptability: we know each case is unique and so tailor our service for your needs
  • Flexible payment options: we can offer contingent charging structures, even for litigation, so that the ABL or IP is only charged on our successful outcomes.

Our COO Rachael Withers is a collect out specialist, having run very high profile collect outs, such as Entertainment UK (Woolworths) – one of the largest Collect Outs in British history. Our CEO, Sean Barton, is a financial services litigation lawyer, specialising in ABL litigation and insolvency.

About our Complex Insolvency service

  • From start to finish: We give legal advice to the ABL prior to the appointment of the Administrator. This includes a full review of the trading terms and potential set-offs and counterclaims arising from insolvency.
  • Direct engagement: From attending the business on day one of the insolvency, to engaging with key staff, we ensure we gain a rapid understanding of the nuances of the business and build relationships with customers quickly. We work alongside or behind the Administrator depending on their preference.
  • Forensic approach to collections: With the ability to re-build procurement and invoicing processes and to complete the paper trail in order to minimise and mitigate disputes.
  • Legal Capability: Ability to threaten and follow through with legal action to recover assets or receivables, either throughout the process or towards the end of the collection cycle. We do so sensitively and only ever with prior client approval in each and every case. This is something which most DCAs would have to outsource, thereby losing continuity and control