Charles King

Ernst & Young LLP

“BW Legal assisted EY and a high street bank on a recent collect-out in relation to the administration of TC Bathrooms. We have engaged BW Legal in certain complex situations because they understand the technical and practical aspects to reconciling large amounts of data and presenting it to a portfolio of debtors in order to secure payment. They combine the expertise you expect from a specialist DCA with the ability to analyse how legal issues can impact on collection strategies to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved”

Paul Hussey

Aecom Technology Corporation

“BW Legal is a niche firm with a national/multi-national approach. The effort they place into the relationship and understanding our business has been one of the key elements to success. This has ensured they have achieved commercial outcomes which exceed our expectations and industry standard collection rates”

Collections and Recoveries Manager

Lex Autolease

“One of their huge strengths is that they can offer all of the services one would expect from a conventional DCA (the ability to deal with volume portfolios; focussed call and lettering strategies; bespoke reporting and contingent charging structures). Yet they can follow this through into legal action where appropriate as a specialist debt recovery law firm. The ability to follow through with legal action is an invaluable and successful tool in the debt recovery process.”

Chris Newby

Executive Search

“We find BW Legal effective because they fully understand how to operate within our space. This includes offering contingent charging, ability to handle difficult debtors, slick reporting – yet they carry the extra weight of being a law firm. The ability to threaten and carry out legal recoveries is a very effective attribute when collecting commercial debt and they have a high success rate of obtaining results for us.”

R Blockley

Trutex Limited

“In my opinion, BW Legal represents everything that is positive about a niche firm. They have focussed on delivering a first class service tailored exactly to our needs. They make us feel valued, not just another number in a long list of clients.”

The Team

Credit Today Magazine

“With huge client wins including a major high street bank and a top four insolvency firm. BW Legal showed a bespoke, methodical approach and an inherent ability to manage and reconcile large volumes of data.”